South Dublin County Public Art

An information resource for permanent and temporary public artworks in South Dublin County

In this website you can find information about artists and artworks, access audio and film works, read texts and search for artworks by map, locality, artform or artist.

Art Trax is now available for FREE download from the App Store and the Google Play Store. This smartphone application provides a complete overview of the public art landscape that has emerged in the county since the first public art commissions in the 1980’s. You can view and map the artworks, and access film works.

About the South Dublin County Public Art website

South Dublin County Public Art documents public artworks in the county commissioned since 1988, providing a detailed information and archival resource for public use. It maps the locations where permanent artworks can be seen, and the locations where ephemeral works were presented.

This public art database has been developed by South Dublin County Council with the support of artists and a diversity of commissioning agencies and organizations. It compliments existing Public Art resources such as the Arts Council’s website

South Dublin County Council has been one of the most prolific local authority commissioners of public art since it began its In Context Programmes in 1997. Over 25 commissions have been awarded, some delivering multiple artworks, through the Per Cent for Art Schemes and Area Regeneration Plans. The Per Cent for Art Scheme is administered by Irish government departments with capital construction budgets, in particular the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government.

The principle component of South Dublin County’s most recent public art programme In Context 3 was to create time for the artists to engage with the context. It involved 8 commissions, 8 lead artists, curators, mediators, numerous events, exhibitions, sited work, and involvements with communities around the county. The artists also produced a wide range of publications ranging from books and scripts to DVDs. These, as well as publications from previous In Context programmes, are available to view from the South Dublin County Library Service.

Other public artworks, both privately and publicly commissioned, are also included in the database where possible. This enables a more complete overview of the public art landscape that has emerged over time in the county.

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