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On-line Dog Licencing Application
On-line Dog Licencing Service

Welcome to South Dublin County Councils online Licencing portal.

This web application allows owners who have received a renewal notification in the post to renew their dogs licence online.

Existing users can also licence a new dog i.e. a dog not previously licenced in the owners name.

If you have held a dog licence in the past then you are probably already registered. Just give us a ring on 01 4149000 Ext 4534 to avoid having to re-register.

Where do I find my 8 digit code?
If you have received a renewal notice in the post, it will contain your registration number required
to log in. This is the eight digit code made up of capital letters and numbers printed on bottom left
hand side of you renewal notice. Your dogs ID number is also printed on the renewal notice. The ID can be used to identify which dog you are actually licencing as the dogs name is not captured on the system when previous licences were purchased at the Post Office.

Manage your Dog Licence(s)
To view your profile and all dogs listed, enter just your Eight Digit Code. You can also renew a licence and licence a dog not previously licenced before.

Eight Digit Code:  

New User
If you would like to register as a dog owner